Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement June 2018


Preservation of your privacy is important to Portishead Toad Patrol and we are committed to letting you know how we use your personal information and to making only responsible use of your data.


1. Information about you


1.1   We will collect personal information from you when you or your organisation enquire about our activities or subscribe to one of our services. This may include your name, title, email address, physical address and telephone numbers.

1.2 If you wish to be removed from our mailing list please email us at and your data will be deleted.

1.3 We only retain your data while you are on our mailing list


2. Our use of this information


2.1   Your personal information will only be used to process your requests, to provide you with our services, and to provide you with information relating to Portishead Toad Patrol.

2.2   We do not share your information with anyone outside the organisation. Should we need to do this we will seek your consent.

3. Security


3.1   We will take reasonable precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of information you give us.

3.2   Communications in connection with this service may be sent by e-mail. For ease of use and compatibility, communications will not be sent in an encrypted form unless you require it and provide the certification to enable us to communicate with you in that way. E-mail unless encrypted is not a fully secure means of communication. Whilst we endeavour to keep our systems and communications protected against viruses and other harmful effects we cannot bear responsibility for all communications being virus-free.


4. Cookies


4.1   We do not currently use cookies on our website.

5. Other information


5.1   If you would like us to correct or update any information, or if you would like information deleted from our records, then please email us at

5.2   This privacy policy may be updated from time to time, so please check it periodically.

5.3   Links within our sites to other websites are not covered by this privacy policy.


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